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  • Extremely easy to use and setup campaigns & perks
  • A good variety of video perks
  • Custom fields for lead generation
  • Live chat support


  • Lack of native integrations with CRM's and email marketing tools

There are no doubts or questions anymore, video is one of the most important channels of marketing for any business regardless of size, industry type, or location. 

However, videos are hard to make and even if the hard work is done to make a high-quality video, it's even harder to drive engagement to your videos and convert it into a lead or sales generation channel.

Vieworks is a tool that promises to address both of these issues when it comes to video marketing by offering video perks. How good is it and will it help your video marketing efforts? Let us find out. 

Dashboard and User Interface

Once the initial sign up is done, it is important to set the Brand Seat Name and the Vieworks subdomain you want to use for the account before running any campaign. 

Vieworks campaigns

The overall user interface and the dashboard view is neat and clean with all the elements well laid out consisting of an overview of the stats and campaigns. 

Vieworks dashboard

You can offer four types of perks for the visitors to complete watching the video and claim the perk. 

Get the lifetime deal and set up your video perks

  • Competition Perk

This perk will let the users who watch the whole video join into a competition that can be set up as a campaign within Vieworks. 

The draw date for the completion and the maximum number of claims can also be set up easily. 

Vieworks competition perk

First Name, Last Name, and Email address are captured by default, but any other additional information can be made mandatory to enter the competition by mapping out custom fields. 

  • Coupon Code Perk

This perk gives a coupon code for the users on the completion of watching the video. It could be a custom discount code for your product or service. 

You can either enter a single valid coupon code or upload a list of multiple codes as a CSV file. 

  • Reward Link Perk

By using this perk, a visitor can be redirected to a custom link exclusive to only who completes the video. 

  • Free Form Perk

This is a custom set up that can be used to send an exclusive call to action in a follow-up email after a user watches the video. 

Vieworks perk types

Once the campaign set up is done, there are a few ways of publishing it. The video can either be embedded on your website or be shared through a unique link. 

There is also some advanced targeting possible based on geography and you can even install pixel codes to track the conversions. 


When it comes to native integrations with video platforms, you can use links of videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo.

Although Zapier integration is available to integrate with CRM's and email marketing tools, native integration with a few would have been good. 


There are 3 plans to choose from, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. 

Vieworks pricing

Annual payment gives a 10% saving. The main differentiation between the plans includes the number of user seats, brands, number of campaigns, number of video impressions per year, and the available support channels. 


Live chat support is available on both the website and within the app dashboard. 

There are also detailed help & support documentation and video tutorials explaining all the features and how to set it up.


To conclude, is it a good tool?

Well, if you are using a lot of videos in your marketing and looking for a way to improve engagement and generate more leads, Vieworks surely is a good tool for it. 

Grab the lifetime deal

It is quite a unique tool with a fantastic concept behind it and definitely worth a try to power up your video marketing.

Vieworks Review (2020) – Will it improve your video engagement and lead generation?

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