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  • Easy to use and navigate user interfcace
  • Affordable pricing for the unlimited plan
  • Built-in keyword research module
  • A lot of useful templates across different use cases


  • Might not be of use on a subscription cost if you can use the potential of other prominent tools in the market
  • Limited number of languages supported
  • No direct WordPress integration

Content marketing and the generation of content as a whole have completely evolved over the recent past with the tremendous strides made in AI copywriting. 

There has been a plethora of AI-assisted copywriting tools available in the market that it becomes so difficult to choose one for your needs. 

Wordkraft is one of the latest tools in the market that promises to be an all-in-one copywriting assistant.

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How good is it and how it compares with other similar tools? Let's find out in this review. 

Dashboard, User Interface, and Features

After you have signed up, you are welcomed to the main dashboard which on the first look is quite polished and intuitive. There are clear navigation boxes explaining the features and templates.

Wordkraft.ai - Main Dashboard

The first feature I tried is the Keyword Research which is pretty straightforward to use wherein you input your target keyword and the tool gives you details on the search volume, average CPC, keyword difficulty, etc. 

Wordkraft.ai - Keyword Data

You can also get details on the related keywords to the main keyword that you have input and long tail keyword suggestions as well which could be really handy.

While this feature might not replace tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc., that specialize in keyword research, it is definitely a useful feature to have when you not operating in a very competitive niche and don't need advanced keyword research. 

Wordkraft.ai - Keyword Research

The next feature I tried is that of Article Generator wherein you can just enter the article title, keyword, and the language for the tool to come up with a full-length blog post. 

You can manually enter the subheadings for the articles or use the "Generate Article Subheadings" feature where the system will generate subheadings based on the main article title. 

Wordkraft.ai - Article Generator

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the number and quality of the subheadings generated. You can delete the ones which you don't need and leave the subheadings you are satisfied with. 

Wordkraft.ai - Article Subtitle Generator

Once you have entered all the necessary data, the system will take some time to generate a full-length blog post with even related images as well. 

Wordkraft.ai - Article generated with images

You can have an overview of the number of words generated, the number of H1 & H2 tags, the number of links and images generated for the article, etc. These can be really useful to make the necessary changes as you prefer. 

It is possible to copy the content either as text or HTML to be used further for your use. 

Next up, I tried the Blog Post Generator tool to see what exactly the difference is between it and the article generator. Here, you can input a general idea you have on your mind and the tool will generate titles for you. 

Wordkraft.ai - Blog Post Generator

You can then proceed with the introduction for the blog post, main outline, etc. The blog post generator essentially gives you more control over how the post is structured when compared to the article generator. 

Overall, the user interface is quite neat with a lot of useful templates and tools to choose from. 


There are 3 plans in total, a free one and two paid plans. The top of the line is the custom Enterprise plan and the other paid plan is the Pro plan which costs $29 per month and gives you access to an unlimited number of words generated. 

Wordkraft.ai - Pricing

The Free plan is quite generous too with access to all the templates and you will be able to generate up to 1,000 words.

While it might not be enough for long-form content, you can get an idea of the quality of the content generated and how to use the tool to suit your use case. 

Best Alternative

Although there are many alternatives to Wordkraft.ai on a subscription fee basis, it will be quite a surprise to know that there are some good alternatives on a lifetime deal as well. We will have a look at the best option among those.


WordHero is an excellent feature-rich AI copywriting tool that has a built-in keyword assistant and various other useful features.

It is available on a lifetime deal which makes it a tool that is totally worth it. 

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To wrap up, Wordkraft.ai is a good enough AI copywriting tool with a lot of useful templates to work with as a starting point.

Grab the Lifetime Deal of Wordkraft.ai

Yes, there could be support for more languages and a chat-like interface could be a good feature to have, but overall it has the basic features covered to help you generate both short and long-form content easily. 

WordKraft.ai Review (2023) – How it Stacks up Against the other Prominent AI Writing tools?

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