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  • More native integrations needed

One of the biggest challenges digital marketing agencies face is to prove their worth to the clients in the best possible way by displaying the positive impact they have on their client’s business.

However, preparing the reports when you are using multiple tools is a really time-consuming task. When this has to be done for every client, it becomes a mammoth work that consumes tons of valuable time which you can alternatively use to grow your business and agency.

All the activities of an agency can be brought under a list of a four,

  1. Identifying and closing a client,
  2. Setting up the KPI's and goals that have to be achieved, 
  3. To achieve the KPI's promised, keep them happy,
  4. Display and report the work in a way that will convince the client of your work and retain the client for the long term.

Successful agencies spend most of their time in the first three and have an effective system to handle the fourth with minimal time and effort. However, such an effective system could be out of the reach of small agencies with limited manpower and marketing budget. 

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GreyMetrics aims to solve this by providing all the necessary tools for agencies to make reporting easy and effective without consuming much time.

Supermetrics is the market leader in this space and has a great product for reporting and analysis. As far as free plans go, Databox offers a fantastic plan that is completely free for upto 10 clients and 10 data sources. 

However, Octoboard is my personal favorite because of its excellent client based pricing, unlimited users, reports, dashboards, complete white labeling option with even custom domain, more than 200 templates and a wide array of integrations. It is a gold standard for such a tool.

Is GreyMetrics as good as these tools? Let's find out. 

User Interface

The sign-up process is fairly simple and once logged in the welcome UI is clear and concise with a short tour of what are the next steps.

Greymetrics dashboard

It is essential to add a client and then connect an account before generating any reports. Adding a client is really an easy two-step process, just enter the name of the client and connect the necessary account which you want to generate a report on.

Greymetrics add client

Team members and client portal can be added with a controlled access level to share or display the reports before finalizing.

The client portal is a really useful feature for agencies. It will save a lot of time by giving restricted access to the clients to view and manage their accounts by themselves while the agency continues to do all the work in the backend. 

When it comes to building the reports, there are two ways of doing it. The first is to assemble all the widgets with the necessary graphs & stats and download the report as a pdf.

The second method is to build a live report. In this way, all the widgets can be added to a dashboard and once completed, a unique URL can be shared with the client which when clicked will display the report. All the statistics and numbers in the live report will keep updating every hour. 

It is also possible to build custom reports by uploading a video or by adding an image in different parts of the dashboard to customize and personalize it based on each client. 

Overall the UI clean, modern, intuitive and very easy to use with some fantastic looking templates and widgets to make reports and dashboards for the client portal. 


Reporting with such a tool is effective only if there is a good range of integrations. Fortunately, Greymetrics has most of the integrations covered and the team keeps adding more every month.

Social Media & Advertising

  • Facebook page
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Youtube account
  • Instagram page
  • Instagram ads
  • Twitter page
  • Linkedin page
  • Linkedin ads
  • Pinterest account
  • Quora ads


  • Google analytics


  • Google search
  • Google my business
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush


  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce


  • Hubspot

Email marketing

  • Active campaign
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • MailerLite
  • Moosend

Other apps

  • Google sheets
  • Bitly
  • CallRail

Google Sheets is the most interesting of all the integrations. To pull all the data from Google Sheets and present in a visual dashboard with graphs and data is awesome and the reporting possibilities with this are endless. 

Zapier would be a nice addition to the list of integrations that could open up tremendous possibilities of automated reporting for thousands of third-party apps. 

Also, it will be good to add messenger ads to the advertising channel integrations or a messenger marketing platform like ManyChat or Chatfuel.

The report generated for any single tool can be saved as a template with the desired widgets and be used for different clients. 


Monthly pricing starts from $59 a month all the way to $499 a month. The differing features between each plan are the number of clients, the number of live dashboards and the number of team members.

Greymetrics pricing

It is a pleasant surprise to see the client portal available in all the plans as most of the tools reserve it only for the higher tier agency plan.


Greymetrics is GDPR compliant with clearly defined privacy policies and terms & conditions. For a tool that extracts a lot of data from other third-party data sources, it is important to get these well defined and the team has done a good job at it. 


Live chat is available on the main website for any general queries and the team was very responsive and helpful. I got a response within a few minutes every time I asked a question in the chat. 

For specific account-related support queries, email support is available in the base plans and phone support for agency and enterprise plans.

There are detailed FAQ documentation and tutorial videos covering most of the general features that will answer the majority of the queries and doubts. 

They even offer a 30-minute demo session for starters to learn and get a walkthrough of how the tool works and how effectively it can be used by any type of agency to get more or retain existing clients.


Is it a worthy tool to invest time and money on?

Well, if you are running any sort of agency, Greymetrics will surely help to make your reporting process more effective and will save you tons of time on that.

In a fiercely competitive market like marketing agencies, it is absolutely vital to stand out from the crown to earn and retain clients. The way results are presented to a client is as important as achieving the results.

GreyMetrics will help your agency stand out with professional reports and dashboards which clients would certainly more appreciate than a screenshot from Google search console, Facebook ads manager, etc., or a boring excel file with rows and rows of numbers. 

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The likes of Supermetrics and Octoboard are still more refined, but as a new product in the market and with new features and integrations added frequently, it shows the team is actively working hard to keep improving it and there is a huge potential for a fantastic product.

Greymetrics is definitely worth a try if you are a marketing agency owner serving any type of industry.

GreyMetrics Review – Is it the best reporting tool for marketing agencies?

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