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UI & Ease of use


Features & Functionality


Customer support


Value for money



  • Quality of content generated is really good
  • Excellent blog topic suggestions
  • Very good range of templates
  • Unlimited number of credits across all the monthly plans


  • No long form editor
  • Tone of voice not available in all the templates

If you are looking for an AI-assisted copywriting tool for your business, there is no shortage of options in the current market. 

With the introduction of GPT-3 and its API for language model, there are a plethora of tools flooded in the SaaS space potentially leaving you confused about which to choose.

Although the underlying technology might be the same in many of these tools, the output quality may vastly differ based on how well the AI is trained. 

Peppertype is one such AI copywriting tool that promises good quality output at affordable pricing. How good is it and will it really assist you in the copywriting needs of your business? Les find out in this review.

Dashboard & User Interface

After the sign-up is complete, the initial dashboard is very neat with all the templates arranged as tiles. 

Peppertype - Dashboard

Peppertype has a vast range of templates for different types of use cases. The templates available include, 

Copywriting Frameworks,

  • AIDA,
  • PAS,
  • Before-After-Bridge,
  • Value proposition,
  • Feature to Benefit.

Social Media,

  • Tweet ideas,
  • Post captions,
  • Engaging posts,
  • YouTube video topic ideas & description,
  • Quora answers,
  • Engaging questions.

SEO & Content Marketing

  • Meta descriptions, 
  • Blog introduction,
  • Blog outline,
  • Blog conclusion,
  • Blog heading expander,
  • Content expander,
  • Content rewriter,
  • Compelling bullet points.


  • Google ad copy,
  • Facebook ad copy.


  • Amazon product description.


  • Email subject lines,
  • Cold email copy.

I tried some of the templates to see how good the quality of the copy is. 

The first one to get going was the Brand/Product descriptions where you just enter your brand name and a short description of what your brand or product does. 

The results were surprisingly pretty good. Initially, I got just a single result and when I tried more, it gave many variations to choose from. - Brand or Product Description

Each variation of the copy generated shows the number of characters consumed so that you can keep a track of it in your account. The variant you like can be saved for future use. 

The copy generated can be definitely used in your ads or even for your website and landing pages. It was very good and left a positive initial impression of the tool. 

The next template I tried is Blog Ideas where you enter your product's name, description and Peppertype will give you a list of topics you can write a blog post on. - Blog Ideas

I did not have huge expectations of it, but it was surprising to see how good the topics were for my target keyword. - Ideas for Blog Posts

When it comes to copywriting frameworks, I tried the value proposition template and again the quality of the content was surprisingly very good. - Value Proposition Template

Overall, the tool is very impressive when it comes to the user interface and the usability of the content generated. 


There are 3 plans in total namely Starter, Growth, and Enterprise with the Starter plan costing $35 and the Growth plan costing $199 per month respectively. - Pricing

Both the plans give you access to an unlimited number of words when it comes to the content generated which is pretty good to see. 

The main difference is the number of users that can access the tool. The Starter plan is limited to one user but with the Growth plan, you can get access for 5 users. 

Get Peppertype's Lifetime Deal - Available for a Limited Time

The Growth plan might look a bit expensive but if you are running a content marketing or SEO agency, it might be excellent value for money due to the availability of the tool for 5 users. 


There is no live chat support either on the main website or within the app dashboard. However, it is easy to access the knowledge base and FAQs that cover many of the points which you might have doubts about. 

The text-based knowledge base is pretty good covering all the features, however, it would have been nice to see some video tutorials to get the maximum out of the tool for your specific use case. 

Best Peppertype Alternatives

As good as Peppertype is for an AI copywriting tool, the lack of a long-form editor and a few more features makes it essential to have a look at some of its alternatives. Let's have a look.

Pricing - starting from $29 per month.

Yes, it might be an expensive tool if you need all the long-form features with the top-of-the-line Pro Unlimited + Boss plan costing $119 per month, but there is a reason Jarvis is easily the best known and widely used tool in the market. 

Try Jasper Completely Free for 5 Days

It is packed with features and continuously improved upon. Definitely, the tool to go for if you have the budget for it. 


Pricing - starts from $29.99 per month.

ClosersCopy is a very powerful AI copywriting tool with a custom framework feature that lets you build your own templates depending on your specific use case. 

Get the Lifetime Deal of ClosersCopy - Available for a Limited Time


Pricing - starts from $19 per month.

GoCopy is another affordable option that has a decent array of features including the long-form editor. 

It also has a built-in plagiarism checker that adds to the overall value of the tool. 


To wrap up, Peppertype scores highly in many of the fundamental aspects when it comes to the AI copywriting tools. 

The quality of content generated is very good, the user interface is easy to use & intuitive, and there is a decent array of templates included.  

A long-form editor would be nice to see as it is a notable absence. However, if you want an AI copywriting tool for any other use case other than full-length blog posts, Peppertype is definitely one of the best options. Review (2022) – How it Stacks up Against all the other AI Copywriting Tools?

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