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  • Excellent all-in-one feature set with every aspect of running a business covered
  • Very good task management with built-in checklists
  • Built-in Invoicing
  • Extensive range of reporting available


  • The mobile app is not very polished
  • Might look overwhelming to start with and to set up everything

Running an online business effectively is quite a challenge. The number of things that need to work in conjunction for everything to run seamlessly could get really overwhelming. 

When you combine all these workflows together to run and manage the business, your tech stack could really become bulged making it very difficult to keep tabs on every tool. 

This is where all-in-one business management tools could come in super handy to keep all your tasks and business management within a single tool and dashboard.

It not only saves you money on cutting down subscription costs for many software tools, but it also frees up your time to concentrate on more important aspects of running your business. 

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There are quite a few all-in-one tools in this space that offer varying degrees of features. Flowlu is one of those that promise to give you a complete Business Management solution including a CRM, Invoicing, Team collaboration, Knowledge base, Project management tool, etc.

How well does it stack up to the tall claim? Let's find out in this review. 

User Interface and Features

Once the initial sign-up is done, you are welcomed to the main dashboard with the onboarding flow. The main onboarding dashboard can be accessed at any time through the top left section of the navigation sidebar. 

Flowlu - Dashboard

Although it might look quite overwhelming at the first glance, all the navigation elements are well-labeled with a clear explanation of how to proceed further. 

Apart from all your personal information, you can dive deep into the notification settings. There are a lot of events under Tasks, CRM, Projects, Finance, Calendar, and Agile Projects where you can choose to receive or not receive notifications. 

Flowlu - Notification Settings

You can also set up the access level for every individual feature which could be extremely useful for mid to large-level agencies or teams with multiple team members. 

Flowlu - Access Level Setting

The Tasks feature is neatly laid out and it is super simple to add a new task. In addition to adding a Title & Description for each task, you can also add checklists specific to the task. This could be very useful for tasks that involve a lot of research or multiple steps to complete. 

Flowlu - Tasks Manager

You can set the deadline for each task and assign collaborators to it. The assignee can set the deadline for the task if it is allowed to do in the setting as per your preference.

The task can either be one-time or can be set up as a recurring one. If it is a recurring task, you can set the time period and the interval between each time the task has to be repeated. Each task can also be assigned to a specific tag for better organization.

Flowlu - Recurring Task

Each task can be related to a specific project, an opportunity in the pipeline, or a contact in the CRM. This way, it is easy to search for the tasks and edit based on the progress made. It is also possible to organize the tasks under different lists.

The CRM part of the tool has the following sub-divisions under it,

  • Opportunities,
  • Activities,
  • Organization,
  • Contacts.

New opportunities can be built from scratch right within Flowlu or it can be imported as a CSV file. While importing, it is vital to map the right fields so that you do not lose any of the information. 

Flowlu - CRM Opportunities

The Activities show all the tasks that are overdue, to be done by the specific day and the day after. Similar to Opportunities, Organizations, and Contacts can be imported as well by uploading a CSV file. 

Similar to Tasks, Projects is quite similar where you can define the project name, a short description, customer, the team assigned, the finances for the project, project duration, and the tags assigned. 

Flowlu - New Project

You can also build detailed project workflows with a series of milestones and tasks involved to achieve each milestone. This can be incredibly handy for long-term projects with multiple milestones to be achieved to determine the progress.

Flowlu - Project Workflow

When it comes to the Finances part, you can build Invoices, both one-time and recurring. It is really comprehensive with choices to add discounts, taxes, and shipping charges. 

It is also possible to add Terms & Conditions along with any specific notes to the customer. If you already set up your organization in the account setting, you can also have an invoice template to just select and edit easily with any changes to be done. 

Flowlu - Invoice

The invoice can be assigned to a specific project along with mentioning the issue date and due date, order number, etc. 

The recurring invoice follows a similar process and you can select the interval between the subsequent invoices to be weekly, monthly, 2 weeks, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, yearly, 2 years, 3 years, etc., or any custom interval as well. A date can be set where the issuing of recurring invoices is set or it can be set up as never expires where you can stop it manually. 

Flowlu - Payment set up

Flowlu also lets you have all your payments and expenses saved right within the tool to have a track all your cash flows. All the transactions, both incoming and outgoing are saved to give an overall idea of your business and where it stands at any point in time. 

Flowlu also has file management built-in where you can upload files and organize them across different folders to share them with your team members. You can either make a specific folder public or restrict access to other members of the team. 

Flowlu - Folders

Under the products section, you can have all your products listed under different categories and manufacturers with the details of the item description and selling prices. 

Flowlu - Products

Flowlu also has an extensive set of reports covering all the aspects and features. You can generate individual reports on the CRM, tasks, time tracking, expenses, payments, overall cash flow, revenue, and a whole lot more.

Flowlu - Reporting

With Flowlu, you can also build all your knowledge base articles and host them as well. You can customize the look of articles with icons, header background, and font colors to match your brand. 

Flowlu - Knowledge base look

It is also possible to add a Meta title and description for SEO purposes if you would want to work on ranking the article in search engines. You can also add a custom domain, change the header & footer logo to get a completely branded look and feel.

Overall, Flowlu has an excellent array of features covering every aspect of your business from CRM to Financials to Project Management. Once you have set up everything or moved over from your existing tech stack, you can completely run your whole business with Flowlu with relative ease. 

Flowlu Integrations

Flowlu integrates natively with Google Drive for file management and sharing and Zendesk to offer support for your customers. 

It also has integration with Pabbly and Integrately to connect Flowlu with hundreds of other third-party apps, build complex workflows, task automation, etc. However, Zapier looks to be an odd absence here. 

When it comes to payment gateways, it is quite good. Flowlu integrates with Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Skrill. 


In addition to the Free plan, there are 3 paid plans, Team, Business, and Professional. The main difference is the number of users and the storage space you get in each plan. 

Flowlu - Pricing

Custom Fields and Custom Logo are available only in the highest plan along with the advanced reporting. 

Grab the Lifetime Deal of Flowlu

Currently, there is a Lifetime Deal available for a limited time. For all the features Flowlu offers, it is definitely worth getting the deal. 


Live chat support is available both on the main website and within the application dashboard. The response times were quite good as well. 

In addition to having an extensive text knowledge base, Flowlu also has a decent range of video tutorials covering all the features. Quite impressive. 


A lot of all-in-one business management tools promise a lot but rarely live up to it. Flowlu is definitely an exception with an excellent array of features, an intuitive user interface, and a very good support team. 

The mobile app has to be improved for sure and more native integrations can be added, but it has the basics nailed on to be worked on further and continuously improve the product.

Grab the Lifetime Deal of Flowlu - Available for a Limited Time

Definitely worth trying. 

Flowlu Review (2023) – Is it a good all-in-one Management tool to run your business?

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